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  • Drink

    2020/06/26 admin 1027

  • Soup Salad Appetizer

    Soup Salad NoodleSouphouse soup1.95sliced mushroom, green onion, crispy noodle in our homemade chicken brothmiso soup1.95seaweed, tofu & green onion in a soy bean paste miso brothseafood soup4.95s

    2020/06/26 admin 2155

  • Hibachi Dinner

    Hibachi DinnerHibachi DinnerVegetable10.95An assortment of a daily selection of vegetables grilled in a homemade teriyaki sauce.TOFU11.95Fried gluten free tofu and assorted vegetables grilled in a hom

    2020/06/22 admin 3960

  • Regular Sushi Roll

    RegularRoll (6-8 pcs)regular rollsweet potato roll3.95avocado roll3.95cucumber roll3.75tuna roll / spicy tuna roll4.95salmon roll / spicy salmon roll4.95yellow tail roll / spicy yellow tail roll4.95cr

    2020/08/07 admin 4871

  • Signature Sushi Roll

    SignatureRollsignature rollbig boss roll13.95tuna, salmon, crab meat, avocado rolled inside topped with cooked beef tenderloin, scallion, mayonaise & spicy sauceCATERPILLAR ROLL9.95B.B.Q style eel

    2020/08/07 admin 3411

  • Dessert

    2020/06/26 admin 685

  • Nigiri & Sashimi

    Nigiri & SashimiNigiri & SashimiCookedNigiri2PCSSashimi3PCSegg3.755.25avocado3.755.25crab stick3.955.50boiled shrimp3.955.50B.B.Q eel4.505.95octopus4.505.95smoked salmon4.505.95RawNigiri2PCSSa

    2020/06/26 admin 890

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