FARRAGUT - TURKEY CREEK(Take Out Only): 10901 Parkside Dr. 37934  (865)288-4111 

Downtown Location has been Closed Temporarily.

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      Farragut Menu

      soup salad & noodle menu

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      HOUSE SOUP :: 1.95

      sliced mushroom, green onion, crispy noodle in our homemade chicken broth

      MISO SOUP :: 1.95

      seaweed, tofu & green onion in a soy bean paste miso broth

      SEAFOOD SOUP :: 4.95

      shrimp, scallop, crab meat with assorted vegetable in a chicken broth


      HOUSE SALAD :: 2.50

      fresh green leaf lettuce with shredded carrot & purple cabbage served with house ginger dressing

      AVOCADO SALAD   :: 3.95

      sliced avocado & cucumber over our house salad served with ginger dressing

      SEAWEED SALAD :: 4.95

      sliced seaweed with cucumber, crab meat on top served with sweet & sour sauce

      SQUID SALAD :: 5.95

      marinated squid tender with sliced cucumber 

      CRAB SALAD :: 5.95

      shredded crab meat with  avocado, cucumber, crunchy and ganish with caviar

      SPICY SALMON SALAD* :: 6.50

      diced fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, caviar & green onion with spicy salad sauce 

      SPICY TUNA  SALAD * :: 6.50

      diced tuna, avocado, cucumber, caviar & green onion with spicy salad sauce 

      SPICY SASHIMI SALAD * :: 6.95

      diced assorted fish, avocado, cucumber, caviar & green onion with spicy salad sauce

      UDON - NOODLE ( stir fried )

      VEGETABLE UDON :: 9.95

      stir fired Japanese udon with assorted vegetable

      CHICKEN UDON :: 10.50

      stir fried Japanese udon with sliced chicken breast and mixed vegetable

      SEAFOOD UDON :: 10.95

      stir fried Japanese udon with shrimp, scallop, crab & vegetable


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